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2021-2022 Season Passes on sale NOW!

Ages 6+: $499.99

Ages 0-5: FREE

All Season Passes will include a $5 Convenience Charge and Applicable State Sales Tax (5.5%)

Optional Add-ons Available:

  • Season Rentals for $249 - Please choose ski, snowboard, or both. Visit the ticket office upon your first visit. You will complete appropriate rental form(s) which will then remain on file at the rental counter during the entire season. After rental form(s) are completed, you will skip the ticket line and go straight to the rental counter when you arrive! Season rental packages require you to return your rental set at the conclusion of each visit.
  • 6 Pack of Tubing Passes for $99
  • Season Pass Armband Holder for $5 - Your season pass card is your lift ticket; no need to visit the ticket window once you have your season pass card! We ask that your season pass is clearly displayed at all times. Show the ticket checkers and lift operators some appreciation; display this bright-colored armband with your season pass and be on your way! (Picture of Armband Holder below.)

  • Injury/Illness Pass Protection for $25: More information in the Terms & Conditions section below.
  • Shortened Season Pass Protection for $50: Includes the Injury/Illness Pass Protection PLUS Shortened Season Protection. More information in the Terms & Conditions section below.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Indy Pass AddOn is no longer able to be purchased through your home resort. In order to purchase the Indy Pass AddOn, visit Upload proof of purchase (tip: Screen shot your purchase confirmation!) and complete your order on Indy Pass AddOn site.

Pass Type Price
  2021-2022 Individual Season Pass $499.99
  2021-2022 Tot Aged 5 and Under Season Pass $0.00

Terms & Conditions

Please note: Season Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and may not be resold. If you cannot use your pass due to lack of snow, medical reasons, pregnancy, divorce, moving away or any other reason, you will not receive a refund. Purchase Season Pass Protection to protect your investment in the event you can't use your pass for stated reasons. Two levels are offered:

Season Pass Injury/Illness Protection Plan Policy will protect you if you become unable to utilize your season pass because of sickness, injury caused by skiing, injury occurring away from the ski area premise, or moving out of state or moving farther than reasonable driving distance, you will receive a prorated refund on the purchase price of your season pass.

Season Pass Shortened Season Protection Plan Policy will protect you if the current winter season is cut short and the season totals less than the span of 80 open days, you will receive a prorated refund on the purchase price of your season pass. Reasons for closure include, but are not limited to, unfavorable weather conditions, pandemic causing government closure of private businesses, and/or zombie apocalypse.

Full details for both of the Protection Plan Policies can be found here: Season Pass Protection Plan Policies.

All season passes will have a $5 convenience fee added onto them