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Fitness Packages

Tyrol Basin is excited to begin offering summer recreation opportunities, including a weekly fitness class! Tyrol Basin Run Club will begin June 5th, and be held every Monday morning at 8:00AM. Perfect for running enthusiasts in the area, this class is open to runners of any age and skill level! Tyrol Basin Fitness Club will start on June 8th, meet each Thursday evening at 5:30PM. This workout will incorporate both anaerobic and aerobic exercises for a total fitness experience - great for athletes, competitors, and people who love to sweat!

TB Run ClubStart DateEnd Date
Session IMonday, June 5thMonday, July 24th
Session IIMonday, August 7thMonday, September 25th
TB Fitness ClubStart DateEnd Date
Session IThursday, June 8thThursday, July 27th
Session IIThursday, August 10thThursday, September 28th

Single Class$15.001 TBRC or TBFC Class
Single Session$100.00All Classes in Club Session (8)
Both Sessions$200.00All Summer Classes for Club (16)
8 Pack Mix N Match
$100.00Any 8 Classes All Summer
16 Pack Mix N Match$200.00Any 16 Classes All Summer

Fitness Class Non-Refundable Agreement

This Fitness Class Non-Refundable Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Tyrol Basin, located at 3487 Bohn Rd. ("Provider"), and the undersigned participant ("Participant"), collectively referred to as the "Parties."
1. Class Registration and Payment:
a. Participant agrees to register for the fitness class/package provided by the Provider.
b. Participant acknowledges and agrees to pay the full class/package fee upon registration.
c. The class/package fee is non-refundable.
2. Rescheduling:
a. Participant may reschedule the fitness class once, subject to the following conditions:
i. Participant must provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice to the Provider via email or phone call.
ii. Rescheduling is subject to availability and at the sole discretion of the Provider.
iii. Participant understands that rescheduling is a one-time provision, and any subsequent requests will not be accommodated.
b. If Participant fails to provide the required 48 hours' notice, the opportunity to reschedule will be forfeited.
3. Participant's Responsibilities:
a. Participant agrees to arrive at the fitness class on time and fully prepared, including appropriate attire and any required equipment.
b. Participant agrees to comply with the rules, regulations, and instructions provided by the Provider for a safe and enjoyable fitness class experience.
c. Participant acknowledges that any failure to adhere to the Provider's rules or misconduct may result in immediate dismissal from the fitness class without any refund or rescheduling opportunity.
4. Provider's Responsibilities:
a. Provider agrees to provide the scheduled fitness class on the agreed-upon date, time, and location, subject to any unforeseen circumstances or events beyond their control.
b. Provider reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the fitness class due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient participation. In such cases, Provider will make reasonable efforts to notify Participants in advance and provide a rescheduling option or refund, at Provider's discretion.